Friday, September 17, 2010

Young Focus continues its perfect goal

Last Friday (September 10, 2010) Young Focus prepared another activity for its precious high school students. This activity was called "Music Therapy". This activity help us to express our selves by means of music. It can help us release our bad feelings and express our thoughts. some how, music is also a way to know the personality of a person. "Music Therapy" also teach us how to make sounds of nature using only the parts of our body.

Ate Lisanne and Ate Nicolien were the volunteers from Neither Lands who lead high school students and they also teach us song for Young Focus. They are the newest visitors of Young Focus who introduced us the "Music Therapy" . Ate Nicolien and Ate Lisanne were very nice people, they treat us well and we're glad. We really respect them and treated them in a friendly way as what they did.

In my own opinion, I found "Music Therapy" very interesting and relaxing. It is a perfect activity for everybody specially, for those students who are stressed in school. Many students are getting stressed every time that they have lots of assignments and when there is a coming test. It can also be advisable for working people to relax from their stressful works.

I salute you Young Focus! I hope you have more best plan for your precious students.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The 3rd Entrep Summit in MOA

These are some pictures of our latest activity in Buhay Ko sa Smokey Mountain. This Conference is called the 3rd Entrep Summit that done in Mall of Asia (MOA). This is the most terrible but enjoying activity I have ever joined.

In this activity, we are assigned to interview at least one speaker and blog our experience. We are nervous and became pale white when we talk to the assigned speaker. I can also remember that some of us were shaking when their turn comes.

There are lots of speakers in the conference. Most of them were already successful and CEO in their company. It is a privilege for us to have interview those well-known people and to know their successful stories. I was really inspired by their experience. They really try hard to pursue their dreams and to be successful with their jobs. I hope that all the Interviewers were also inspired by the stories of their interviewees and they will apply it to theirselves.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

These are just the examples of our nice pictures in Boracay. It was really a cool nice place for everyone. It was a relaxing place where you can forget all your problems and have nothing to do but to breath the fresh air look at the beautiful sights that surrounds you.

For those students like me, try your best and pursue your dreams for some day you will also have the chance to go in this place and share your wonderful experiences.

I hope the beauty of Boracay would remain and more people will appreciate the importance of nature for every one. I also hope that someday people will realize they are becoming careless for the nature. someday the next generations will pay more attention and start to bring back the past beauty of nature and take care of it unlike what undisciplined people doing nowadays.

Monday, August 16, 2010

BORACAY !!! < a wonderful nature >

When you recall my previous blogs, i have written there that the boracay trip was postponed. after a long time of waiting, the most awaited trip happened last August 6-8. It is such a nice trip that every student were very excited.

On the day before the trip, the SOM ( student of the month ) students including my classmates in "Buhay ko sa smokey Mountain " photo shooting and blogging session had their orientation and prepared their things for the trip.

All the preparation was appreciated. All the students were tankful to be given the privilege to go in that such wonderful place.Going to Boracay is an adventurous trip. we rode in all kinds of transportation and my favorite is the airplane.

I hope some day i could have one more chance to go there. Off course, I want to do it with my family. I enjoy the trip a lot but i think, it will be more enjoyable if I am with my family watching them with a joyful smile in their lovely faces.

i hope that the third batch of "Boracay Trip Exposure" will b enjoy more the trip. No more large waves, strong winds and lots of sea grass in the sea unlike us.

Friday, July 30, 2010

so educational ..

malapit ko na sya matapos ..

the book of "Anne frank: the diary of a young girl " is such very nice story ..
it was all about the life of a young Jewish who needs to hide in one place called "secret annexe" with her family and some of friends.
it is a history in neither land. i really pity her for what difficulties she had encountered just to save her life..

Anne frank was only 13 when they started and she was the youngest. after 2 years and some months they were caught by Germans and were punish for hiding.. but, the truth is wheather they hide or not, they will be put in dead..

iam not yet done with the story but i hope more people specially youth will be able to read it. it is a real inspirational story and will bring more encouragement for youth. to have faith in God and to build more strength to face challenges in life strongly and bravely

Monday, July 26, 2010

food , food , food...

~ grrrabee !!
embarrassing ! napanis yung food !!

every Saturday after the blogging and photography lesson, we are given snacks by the JCI..
it was always ordered from the Dutchihan..
the sad part is napanis yung food when i came home !
busog kasi ako that time so i decided to just take it home..
sayang ang sarap pa naman nun !!
yung tapa hindi naman napanis pero yung kanin panis na ..

because of that experience about the food, i decided not to take-home any food again. Sa dami ng gutom sa paligid ko ngayon , nakakakonsensya kung magaaksaya pa ako ng food..
earning much money to buy delicious and nutritious food is not that easy especially for those poor people..
even in our place, smokey mountain its really hard ro earn money. MInsan pa yung earnings na mga tao napupunta lang sa mga utang at iba pang bill expenses..

please to all .. huwag kayong magaaksaya ng food huh !!
mahirap yata magutom.!

Friday, July 16, 2010

kawawa naman !!

nakakapanghinayang !!
the Boracay exposure was canceled ! ('~' )
i thought the trip would be on July 16, but it's not ~
despite of disappointment i found it better cause if they choose to continue the exposure, the students might be in danger because of the storm Basyang...

For your information, the Boracay exposure is for those student who really did their best. Some of them are awarded as student of the month and I'm proud to be one of them...
as our prize, we are given a chance to go to Boracay and stay there for 3 days!
its a big privilege for as to have that kind of prize...

i am really happy to be one of them...
as far as i know , the re-schedule of the trip is on August 6-8 and i hope that it would be successful and safe.. no more storms and disasters to come ..
just a simple and perfect trip.. :)