Friday, September 17, 2010

Young Focus continues its perfect goal

Last Friday (September 10, 2010) Young Focus prepared another activity for its precious high school students. This activity was called "Music Therapy". This activity help us to express our selves by means of music. It can help us release our bad feelings and express our thoughts. some how, music is also a way to know the personality of a person. "Music Therapy" also teach us how to make sounds of nature using only the parts of our body.

Ate Lisanne and Ate Nicolien were the volunteers from Neither Lands who lead high school students and they also teach us song for Young Focus. They are the newest visitors of Young Focus who introduced us the "Music Therapy" . Ate Nicolien and Ate Lisanne were very nice people, they treat us well and we're glad. We really respect them and treated them in a friendly way as what they did.

In my own opinion, I found "Music Therapy" very interesting and relaxing. It is a perfect activity for everybody specially, for those students who are stressed in school. Many students are getting stressed every time that they have lots of assignments and when there is a coming test. It can also be advisable for working people to relax from their stressful works.

I salute you Young Focus! I hope you have more best plan for your precious students.

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